Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day rant

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post just now.  I was simply trying to congratulate President Trump on his motto which I love: Make America Great Again.  It dawned on me, though, that many young people in our country may not have a clue what that means.  Perhaps that's why they're so despondent over his winning the election?

I wasn't trying to impress anybody with anything.  I was just recalling the childhood that I knew.  So often, when I do this, all of the crap about the abuse comes up.  However, this time I remembered wonderful things about my childhood. They're things that I've probably not ever been thankful for but I can see now that I should be!  Not everybody had a childhood like the one that President Trump and my generation had.  I know lots of people who would like to recapture Mayberry!

At any rate, here is my Inauguration Day rant.  My goal in sharing it is to inspire younger citizens of any country to ponder the meaning of the word respect.  You know, everyone wants to be respected but how do we show it?  How can we give what we weren't taught?  Hopefully, this blog post will be a springboard for all of us to think of more ways that we can respect others who are on this journey with us!!!!

God bless you all!


Let's ALL do our best to make America great again! Some of you may be too young to know the America I knew as a child but I walked freely in my town day and night and was safe! 
I sang of my love for my Savior at home; in church; in school; and in public and people smiled and clapped! We had prayer by a local pastor in Jesus name at EVERY school event! Those who didn't want to participate sat quietly and kept their thoughts to themselves because they knew how to be offended with dignity and how to respect other's beliefs! 
I didn't go shopping to the sound of bawling, screaming, kicking spoiled brats because our parents knew how to discipline us so that we would grow up to be respectful of authority figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ladies wore dresses and treated men with the respect they deserve. Men held doors for ladies and tipped their hats to each other. Children were taught to say PLEASE and THANK YOU and to cover their mouths when they coughed or sneezed. 
I remember Sunday night prayer services where everyone got on their knees and begged God to save our country from destruction and I believe those prayers are being answered today!!!! Pastors preached of sin and the power that it has to destroy lives and the need for us to give our lives to God early, while we were young, so that we need not have regrets when we looked back on our lives!  
I was taught that men walk on the outside of ladies to protect them from mud splashing on their dresses and to send a message to others that they were taken and not to be gawked at.
I was taught that you always carry a handkerchief in your purse for you might not know when you would meet someone who was grieving and you could lend them your shoulder and comfort them and be there for them! 
I was taught that stealing meant someone else would feel it in their pocketbook. I was taught to work for my pennies (I got $.50 an hour to watch my neighbor's daughter) and then to save some for a rainy day.  
I was taught to honor my elders--to seek their council if I were ever at a loss for direction in my life.
I was taught to sing the National Anthem at every ball game because it was an honor to be a part of this great country founded on freedom. 
I could go on and on but mostly I want to say that I was taught HOW AND WHY TO RESPECT OTHERS! Where has all of this teaching gone?????????? We need to get it back. We need to raise the standards. Each citizen needs to learn how to show respect to others!!!!!!! to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure how the Lord will use this rant but it made me feel good to share with those younger than myself how much has been lost in my short lifetime of only 59 years. I didn't mean to limit the concepts to just the ones I mentioned but rather to show that respect means a constant awareness of other people's needs. Further, it means to do all that I can do to help others through their difficulties in life and to celebrate with them when they are rejoicing. This is a Biblical concept and one that deserves repeated pondering.
My goal is to inspire EVERYONE to learn what made America great in the first place! That's the only way that you'll understand why I love President Trump's motto: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Third Great Awakening Coming!!!!

I have been praying for the third great awakening to sweep across our country for 17 years.  It started when I was teaching the children US history in school.  We learned about the first and second great awakenings that swept over our country when millions of people came to trust the Lord for salvation.  THAT is what I have been pleading with the Lord to send to us again and it's coming!  When I read Pastor Kunneman's prophecy this morning, I knew that my years of praying and waiting are ending NOW!
I suppose that I have an advantage over those who haven't read that part of American history.  I know that it IS possible.  Even when I was wondering if others could be correct concerning martial law and the end of freedom on Earth, a quiet part of me kept saying, "God will NOT let freedom die on this Earth!  He will NOT forsake His country founded on freedom and His ways!" 
This helped me to stay calm throughout the election too!
A special friend came and stayed with us recently and she was sharing about "The Elijah List." She shared how God has been comforting her through the prophecies she's been reading about and seeing fulfilled before her very eyes.
This is what I read there this morning.  Tears of joy kept falling down my cheeks as I read and then I knew that I just HAD to share it all with YOU!  You who are downtrodden, God HAS heard your prayers!!
God HAS heard all of our prayers!!  God IS moving! 
Let's all join together to pray for safety for the Inauguration tomorrow!  Let's continue our prayers for God's power to sweep across our land and wipe away all tears and bring unity like not since the second great awakening.  HE HAS SPOKEN!!!
Rich blessings to all who serve and follow the risen Christ!!

Prophetic word of the Lord given by Hank Kunneman:

"United States—     You Will Be United!"

"In the day when the Son of God stood within the house, as Jesus stood in the house," says the Spirit of Grace, "and the power of the Lord was present to heal, but yet those in the room could not discern that the power of the Lord was present to heal them, and yet they stood and others sat criticizing in their hearts saying, 'How could this be?' So it is, America—listen to the word that I speak to you today:

"I have placed those in your House called White; this is My doing, this has been My saying, yet there are those who stand to despise, ignorant of that which I'm bringing to the room, to the House, by the way of My Holy Spirit. And as it was healing that day, do you not understand that there have been those in this land, My people called by My Name, who have cried out unto Me, and I have heard them and I have sent My plan to heal your land?

"And this promise is not just for you, but it is for your children and it is for the nations of the earth, for what is released in this House—the House of your government—shall touch the nations in a great way. Do not get caught up in the arguing, the fighting, the discussing; but discern that which I am releasing that will bring a nation together.

"United States, you shall be—you will be united—for there is a unity that is coming and there is a healing that is breaking forth, will you receive it? Will you receive it?"

"Can You Hear the Sound of Celebration? Welcome to Your Future!"

"Can you hear the sound of celebration?" says the Spirit of the Living God, "for this is the announcement of Heaven from the lips of the Father and the Lord of the Church, and upon the lips of the Hosts for even their trumpets are declaring 'celebration' upon the earth—for great things shall begin to unfold in this next season.

"Enough of the conspiracy theories that bring men to fear, enough of the speaking of Martial Law in your land, America, for this is the season to celebrate. Why should you celebrate? Because if you could see your future, if you could see the things that I have planned—this is why there has been such a great battle and continues to be a great battle to try to confuse, and to try to bring this nation into conflict.

"But I tell you—this nation shall be united as in the name that you bear, the United States. And here is why—for there shall be a wind that blows across this land again, for it shall be windy and the winds shall blow in very unusual places and in a very unusual way; and this again, the sign of the wind, shall be upon your streets and upon your cities and in your nation.

"This wind will not go away for a season, but this is a sign unto this land that the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing afresh upon America. And here is what it shall accomplish," for God says, "Do you understand that even upon the place of the Oval Office, a Vice-President and a President shall join their hands and pray together? This is My promise to you and this is not just hope, this shall happen!"

And God says, "There shall be a sound that shall begin to spill out and there shall be such a unity of agreement of prayer in the very high office of your land. And then the Cabinet shall gather and many in the Cabinet shall gather too, and they shall pray to the one and only true God; and they shall gather their hands and they will pray. They will pray for the peace of Jerusalem and they will pray for the peace of America."

God says, "This shall spill out even upon Capitol Hill, and it shall be no strange thing when they shall open in prayer and they shall declare the name of My Son for this land was dedicated to His honor and so it shall be brought back to Him," says the Lord.

"Do you hear the sound of celebration?" For God says, "The wind that blows is a wind of change; it is a wind that is blowing through the White House to break down satanic altars and altars that were prayed in dedication to false gods. And this wind shall blow upon the very place of your White House, your Capitol Building, and there shall be an infilling of the Holy Spirit among many. This will be reported and this will be mocked," but God says, "let them mock, I will not be stopped.

"And this that I bring to you, America, will not be stopped, for this generation has a right to receive what I am pouring out upon all flesh; welcome to your future."

Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church and founder of One Voice Ministries. He is an uncompromising voice that God is using to stir up the Body of Christ. Pastor Hank is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. His ministry has been marked with an incredible accuracy in the word of knowledge and prophecy concerning nations and world events. He is used of God in demonstrations of the Spirit with many testifying of healing and miracles. Pastor Hank ministers in conferences and churches both nationally and internationally and has appeared on DayStar, TBN's "Praise the Lord", and other well-known television broadcasts. He and his wife, Brenda, also preach as a team, flowing together uniquely in prophetic demonstrations including tongues and interpretation. He is a published author with his most recent books being Barrier Breakers, The Revealer of Secrets, and Don't Leave God Alone. He has also written and created several children's books.
To receive daily, encouraging prophetic emails from The Elijah List to your in box go to:

Thursday, January 5, 2017


  SO much has happened since I wrote here but the most important is that Andrew got married last month to a wonderful woman of God. The wedding was in Kentucky so, as Jacob would say, "We spent 5 days on the road to spend 1 day at the wedding!"
  IT WAS MARVELOUS, though!!!!  The wedding I mean. To see my son so happily married is a delight that thrills me from head to toe. Some day soon I promise that I will share photos here but for now I'm supposed to be working.
  You see, we're having a reception for Andrew and Marie on Sunday with about 200 coming and I need to be cooking up a storm. We're doing the food ourselves!  That would be the Dalquists; our new neighbors, The Andrew Bornemann family: and us who would be Robert, Jacob, and me.
  I'm not sure why but I grew weary this afternoon and decided to take a rest on my BETAR table as that perks me up the fastest. I picked a Gaither CD and, as I listened, I was getting nice and relaxed when THIS song started playing. It's like new life surged into me and up I jumped to share this song with you all. I hope you will enjoy this song as much as I do!!!  I hope that it helps you to begin your new year with some lively finger snapping and toe tapping and whatever else all gets you moving. I JUST LOVE IT!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

GREAT imagination

It's been a LONG time since I've had this much hope for my country!!!  Many of us, who have been watching our freedoms dissolve right in front of our eyes, are hopeful that our country maybe really CAN be great again!!!!
Now THIS took a great amount of imagination and just the right amount of hope!

Friday, December 2, 2016

I'm not the only one

Now that the time of Andrew and Marie's wedding date can be counted in the single digits, I have been finding myself crying quite a bit.  I worried about it.  I thought it meant that I was a rotten mom and I was filled with remorse for all my failures.  Truly that IS a part of it but mostly I am crying for all of the years that went too swiftly!  Where did my little boy go?????????
Well, I saw this speech today and I felt a whole lot better.  Mothers crying about their children leaving the family and starting their own must surely be normal.  What a comfort to know!
Maybe I should jot down some notes just in case someone asks me to give a speech at the rehearsal.  HMMMMMMMMMMMM
I covet your prayers as we travel far to an unknown land to unknown people to give away our son in marriage!
PS.  Anyone have a Kleenix?