Monday, March 20, 2017

"Let the Healing Begin"

OK I'll admit it, I was NOT happy when Jim said that he was leaving the Booth Brothers.  I get so intensely loyal to people and it seemed like he was turning his back on Robbie and Michael.  I was so sure that the Booth Brothers would never be the same without Jim.
Actually, it's NOT the same.  How could it be?  Still, as I listened to this just now, it touched my heart just as much as the version they did with Jim.  I didn't think THAT was possible but see, I was WRONG, and glad of it!!  ;)
So much is changing in my world--things that I still cannot discuss publicly.  I am talking about good things but still change seems more onerous the older I get. 
One change is not good.  My brother is dying.  Two years ago Mayo clinic gave him a year and a half to live in their opinion.  I only hear through others how I is doing.  Now, I don't want to hear any comments like, "Why aren't you by his side?"  I DID call and share my concerns and haven't heard a word back.  If someone doesn't want you in their life, what are you supposed to do?
Still, I haven't done NOTHING to try to help him. Prayer warriors that I don't even know are praying for him to get saved before he dies AND they are praying for his healing.  Perhaps you will join their prayers for his salvation and healing???
Well, my day is calling me but I want to share this special Booth Brother's song, LET THE HEALING BEGIN!  I dedicate this song to my brother who is hurting so badly!
Lots of love,


Sunday, March 19, 2017

My silly poetry

For as far back as I can remember, little rhymes would pop into my head.  As early as Junior High School, the silly things would just come over me when I was doing something else.  I would run for a note pad; write it down; and smile at how witty I was.  Then I'd throw the paper out a few days later, when I could clearly see how juvenile it was, and I didn't want anyone to know that I had "Wasted time on nothing." 

A few years later, I found music being added to my rhymes.  It just flowed out of me--usually when I was cleaning the house. 

At one point, I thought to myself, "That was really good.  I should try to record it."  So I would get out my parent's little recorder and repeat what I had just been given.  The tin can sound that played back at me convinced me that I had no talent whatsoever.

Little by little, that part of me died.  I had no easy way to record it and nobody seemed interested in my part time activity of "Making believe that I had talent" as one brother told me. 

Then I got married to a farmer/rancher and started milking 120 Holsteins and no poetry came. 

Then I became a mother and took on the challenges of home schooling my 3 children.  At that time, I can recall that lots of little songs flowed through me to my children which seemed to delight them. 

Then I grew ill and the music stopped completely.  For the past 10 years my entire focus has been to try to find a way to keep living!!!  If I could keep the laundry done; the lessons taught; meals on the table; and the house tidy WHAT ELSE MATTERED?????????????????

Now this morning, JUST NOW, something happened and I DO have a way to share it with someone else.  I have my blog!

I got up; made the guy's lunch; did cortices for them; drank my Vital Reds; and was sending them off to work at the plant for the day.

As I was carrying their cooler down the hall to them, while they were putting on their coveralls, a little jingle just POPPED INTO MY HEAD!!!! 

I cannot think of when the last time was that this happened.  It certainly hasn't happened in the past decade as I struggled to recover from shingles on the brain and now MS.

As the old habit returned,  I sat down the cooler; went into my office; grabbed a notebook; and wrote down these words.  Then I waved the guys off and went back to my office to read it.

HOWEVER, knowing my tendency to perfectionism AND being an older and wiser Dawn, I decided NOT to read it before I share it. 

This is pretty scary.  SERIOUSLY!!  How dare I not proofread 10 times what I share with my readers?  It is soooo unprofessional. 

Well, maybe that is JUST what it IS supposed to be!!  Maybe all of those spur of the moment jingles that came to me as I was maturing were SUPPOSED to be imperfect--no matter WHAT my English teacher said???? 



There, that wasn't so hard.  I suppose that I could delete this post but that would be a bigger waste of time than just throwing out a piece of paper.  No, I'll leave it here and perhaps it IS meant for another to ponder and not only myself.
God bless you all with an adventurous new week as you shake off old fears and soar on the wings of confidence!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Heavenly Trip

On October 2, 2006 I died and went to Heaven.  It was after 3 months of never-ending nerve pain from shingles.  They had started at the base of my neck and then moved up into my brain.  I had gone to a health center to die knowing that my sufferings were more than my children could bear to see.  I knew that they would never see me again, when they left me there, and I was ready to go home to live with Jesus!

That day the owner of the health center had prayed that God would either take me home to my rewards or give us some other remedy to try.  That night the Father took me home but He said that He had work for me to do yet so that I couldn't stay.  I will always remember the light that shone like nothing I'd ever seen before but more than this.  I remember the powerful love that I felt coming through the door of Heaven as I leaned against it and begged to be let in.

God's love for me is the only thing that gave me courage to come back here and live these past 10 years!
The sufferings have been great but so have the rewards.  God has given me tools that have saved lives; relieved pain and suffering; and brought hope to those who felt as hopeless as I felt that night!

Still, to say that Heaven isn't constantly on my mind would NOT be true.  I have been taught about Heaven, and how to get there, from a very early age.  I have served my King with a willing heart since I was 11 years old.  I did it all out of love for Him but I never REALLY knew how much HE LOVED ME until that night.

The love of God was on the other side of that door.  It oozed out of the sides of the door frame and slipped out the sides of the door along with the light of Heaven.  The love of God slid under the door and engulfed me with hope that I would be able to recover my health again and be a blessing to many!  God's love warmed my heart and breathed life into my dying body.

Now I have found Kat Kerr and she tells stories of the glories of Heaven.  She speaks of all the mansions and all the wonders of Heaven and all of the fun things that there will be for us to do when we get to Heaven.  I LOVE listening to Kat talk about her repeated trips to Heaven and all the joys that we have to look forward to there!

BUT nothing draws me to Heaven like the love that I felt coming from the other side of that door on the night that I died!!!

I'm inviting you to watch this, along with me, and let your heart be strengthened by Kat's words.  GOD LOVES US.  He loves us so much that He gave His ONLY son to come here and be our Savior!  Jesus/Yeshua had EVERYTHING in Heaven but He gave it up to come here and die on the cross so that HIS blood can cover our sins and we can be close to the Father again like in the Garden of Eden.

GOD LOVES US, DEAR FRIENDS!!!  Who wouldn't want to go and live with Him?????


PS.  Later I asked the Lord why it was so silent in Heaven the night that I was there.  All I had heard was a loving voice telling me that I had to go back to Earth to finish my mission.  Then He told me that I was not permitted to hear the music of Heaven because, had I heard it, He would not have been able to get me to come back to Earth.  ;)   Well, I've heard it since and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Queen Esther's Fast

I haven't listened to this but I have listened to others describing why we need to have an Esther Fast this week.  I'm in!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm a mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a tremendously special day for me!!  You see, 30 years ago today my first child came out of my womb and into the world!

I never knew how tremendously being a mother would change my life.  I can still remember the shock that shook my frame when these words sunk into my being, "I'm a mom now!  Like my mom is my mom, now I am Cora's mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Nothing could have prepared me for being a mom.  Although I had read a lot of books about being a mom, NOTHING could have prepared me for the love that I would feel for my daughter and later my 2 sons who lived.  I even have a wonderful love for the many children that Robert and I have sent to live with Jesus already!  They are my children, too, and some day I will get to live with them and learn to love the wonderful things about each one of them!!!!  I am glad that we'll have eternity together to get to know each other!!

My now adult children just don't get how much their papa and I love them.  They don't get how we have worked our rears off to give them a good life and an opportunity in the business world.  They can't grasp how much effort it took me to grow and cook all their food while I was ill most of the time.  They don't have a clue what it's like to home school a child from elementary school through high school let alone 3 of them.  I hope that they never know the agony it was for me to try to figure out if I should do the laundry first or get school started and then stick some dirty clothes in the washer.  Perhaps I should do the milking before everything else seeing as it's half an hour late and the udders are full.  WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT?

How could our children possibly know all that we have done for them?  How can they until they're 30 years down the road of parenthood themselves?

That's why this post isn't about my wonderful children--although they are all tremendous people!  This post is about ME!!!  How utterly selfish can I get?????  Dare I blow my mind and say in public that I AM FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO IS MY HUSBAND, ROBERT!!!!!!!!!

If you beg to disagree, go ahead.  You weren't here the past 30 years but I was.  Yes, God is the truly amazing one to guide me through life and to let me raise 3 of my 20 children for Him!  BUT I CHOSE HIM EVERY DAY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY AND I'M AMAZING FOR THAT!!!!

I hope that you'll enjoy this tribute to motherhood as much as I have.  YAY MOMS!!!!  YAY ME!!!!!!!!