Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What more could I ask for?

Andrew and I spent 2 days together at our local country fair this past weekend.  We were doing a fund raiser for our Republican District so several of us ladies had baked some goodies to sell.  We also were giving away Kevin Cramer yard signs and bumper stickers to anyone who would put them up in their yard or display them on their car.
This is a photo of our booth.  We were as patriotic as we could possibly be and we both sported our CRAMER CREW tea shirts in case anyone was wondering why we were there.  lol
One older "Gentleman" made my day interesting.  I was greeting everyone who walked by and sharing that we were having a fund raiser for our Republican District.  I also, with motherly pride, introduced folks to our District Chairman who just happens to be my son.  ;)
So this man in his late 70s walked by the booth and, when I told him what we were doing, he growled at me, "GO TO HELL."
As you might imagine, I was quite surprised as I prayed for wisdom and thought, "I have no intention of going to hell."  He must have sensed my chill and changed his message to "Trump should go to hell."  Still praying, I waited for the right words to come from above.  When they did, I looked sternly at my attacker as if he were a very bad boy and said, "LOTS of people are going to hell!!!"
He was so surprised and just stared at me after which he walked away.  It made me wonder if he had even pondered what he was saying.  Now, I know the danger of lumping people into one group so I resist.  Still, I have to wonder how many of those who passed by me were heading in that direction.  It was very sobering. 
So here's our booth and my handsome son who loves his country like very few people do.  I'm so proud of him. 
The second day of the fair, Marie and Timothy came with us as did Robert.  That made things more fun as you can see in the below photo.  Marie had wondered what cotton candy tasted like and Andrew made sure that she found out. Timothy was sure stumped by their delight!!  LOL
It was a very nice fair in that they had several musical groups providing music.  A vocal group did a patriotic/salvation themed cantata on Sunday morning.  Then, just as Robert and I sat down to our picnic lunch, a band started playing patriotic music and were they ever good.  Both groups were exceptional but the band playing those good old Sousa marches made my day!!
As we packed up our booth, I looked up to see Robert talking to our "Old" friends from Eureka who had hopped on their Harley and come to the fair.  It was pretty much over but the mini-donut booth was still open so Dennis went to buy some.  The owner said that he could have them as they were an hour old and he was just going to throw them out.  You should have seen the delight on everyone's faces at the gallon-sized bag of warm mini donuts that God gave us to enjoy.  NO, I didn't have any.
So it was a marvelous weekend.  We saw some old friends that we wouldn't have seen otherwise.  We made a few bucks for our District.  We got to see dozens of kids enjoy the rides at the fair PLUS were there ever a lot of awesome looking critters in the animal barn.  Andrew got to judge the kuchen contest which he's wanted to do for awhile.  I was around lots of people so I'm happy, happy, happy!
What more could I ask for?  Oh yes, MORE Sousa marches.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Make America Great Again

This weekend our area is having it's Tri-County Fair.  District 28 Republicans are having a booth where we'll sell baked goods and do our best to interest new people to join the party. 
As I pondered sitting in the heat all weekend, I asked myself, "Why should I even care? I have so little physical strength left to give so my contribution is so small."
Then I heard my stinkin' thinkin' and set to work trying to get more folks to make cookies or bars for our bake sale. 
What made the difference for me?  It's probably my stubborn German heritage that doesn't like to give up very easily.  Also, all the years I've attended Appleseed shoots have shown me what a little cry-baby wimp I had turned into.
There's another reason I picked myself up this morning and it has to do with our President.  I heard him say once that he was enjoying his retirement years and didn't need to have all of the crap thrown at him that he has had to deal with.
So, here's a little inspiration for you to get out there and do something for freedom every day.  We're raising money so that we can support conservative Americans in their election races. If every American does one little thing for freedom every day, imagine where our country will be in 5 years. 
For those of you not from America, you can pursue freedom in your thinking too.  It all begins in our heads.  If we lay down and take what tyranny insists we accept, then we're sunk.  We may as well be dead. 

Freedom is worth the time and effort to sit in the heat one weekend out of the year to sell cookies and do my best to interest other freedom lovers to join us.  IT MOST CERTAINLY IS!!
So, see you at the fair!


Monday, July 9, 2018

Are you willing to give Him your schedule?

Now that things have settled down a bit after the tornado and our 4th of July celebration, I've been led to get back to the New Oil series.  This one has amazing praise music for almost an hour, so skip to  about 55 minutes for the start of the sermon, if you don't have time to listen to an hour of praise music.
Johnny said something amazing at about an hour in.  He said that God gives us the desires that He wants us to ask Him for.  He shapes us by giving us the very desires that we later ask Him to fulfill for us.  Why would He go through so much trouble??  Well, because HE WANTS TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!  It's that simple.
I pray that God will touch you with HIS desires for your life as you listen to this with an open heart!  HE has a great plan for each of our lives!!!  All we have to do is be open to it and ask Him to bring it to pass!  Give HIM your schedule and He will do just that.
God bless all you true seekers of His truth for your life,
PS  If you would like to order your free oil (they even pay the shipping), go to the home page here: https://hisnameisflowingoil.org/

Sunday, July 8, 2018

OH NO--a tornado

On July 3, 2018 at roughly 5:00 in the morning, our lives were changed drastically.  A tornado came through our farm and demolished/greatly damaged the buildings on our farm.  The calf shelter  (roughly 20 X 12 feet) flew over 3 fences and only stopped at the rock pile out in the field.  It's a good thing that it did or it may have harmed Andrew and Marie's place the way it was flying through the air.
We're grateful that the farm equipment that was being stored in the Quonset wasn't more damaged than it was.  We're super grateful that our grain cleaning system wasn't also.  What saved that, plus Michael and Cora's Bobcat and fishing boat, from being totally smashed was our new combine holding up the building.  I'll try to get some photos to share here soon.
On Friday the guys lifted the wreckage off of the equipment that was parked in the building.  After everything of worth was removed, they gave it a push and down it came like a stack of dominoes.  How a life can change in an instant.
What we're all amazed at is how God protected the 2 households involved.  Trees were snapping off and buildings collapsing but Michael, Cora, and Elsie were safe in their bedroom!!!  Over on our side of the road, a large tree fell on all 3 of our pickups but didn't touch the house.  WE WERE SAFE IN THE LOVE THAT GOD HAS FOR US!!!
There have been lots of tears, as I've pondered the losses, but this morning the Lord comforted me with these thoughts.  I pray that you will find comfort in them too.
Prayers for our family would be greatly appreciated at this time.
Dawn for us Bornemanns and Dalquists

Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.
Hebrews 13:15

- JULY 8 -

Lifting up your hands and thanking God is spontaneous and easy when you have just received a wonderful blessing: “God, I can’t thank You enough for this miracle!”
“Thank You Father, for answering my prayer!”
“Father, thank You for the windfall!”
Perhaps you came close to being in a fatal accident, but God plucked you out of danger just in time. Or your grandmother, an unbeliever for many years, finally received Jesus as her Savior and got healed of a long-term disease.
But there are times when you don’t feel like lifting up your hands to thank and praise God, yet you do it. Perhaps you feel very discouraged lately. Perhaps everything is going wrong for you and you feel like your life is in a mess. You can’t hold back the tears. Yet, you make a conscious decision to lift your hands and thank God for being in the situation with you. You open your mouth and begin to praise Him even though you really don’t feel like doing it.
In the midst of the trial that you are going through, you praise Him that He is your righteousness in spite of all the mistakes you have made. You thank Him that He is your Prince of Peace, and that His peace will arise in you and still the storms in your life.
My friend, God sees and appreciates such times when, despite feeling so discouraged, you offer a freewill thanksgiving offering to Him. In fact, your thanksgiving during such times is more highly prized by Him than your thanksgiving during those times when you are feeling joyful because you have just been blessed.
And when you choose to thank Him for His unfailing love, and His faithfulness to deliver, protect and provide for you even when you don’t see the blessings yet, before long, you will find yourself experiencing and enjoying the blessings! So lift your hands and praise the Lord, for He is good, and His mercy endures forever! (Psalm 106:1)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

What war?

As we approach Independence Day in our country, all kinds of thoughts flood my mind.  I've never known war in my country.  I've not lived through another country trying to destroy my country with their armies or their bombs.  I rejoice that the very month my husband would have had to be drafted to go finish up the Vietnam War, the draft was dropped because no more soldiers were needed.  The war was over!!
That being said, I HAVE studied war.  During Jacob's Senior year of High School we studied World War 2 extensively.  He was interested in it and I wanted to study what he wanted to study.  I also feel like I know the Revolutionary War period pretty well having attended Appleseed shoots the past 9 years.  One year in our home school we also studied America's Civil War and I'll always remember the talking book called ACROSS FIVE APRILS from that time period!!  WOW! 
During one of our shoots here on our farm, the shoot boss stirred my lazy flame of passion for freedom.  None who were there will ever forget shoot boss Steve L reciting from memory the entire speech of Patrick Henry which woke up the asleep to the threat of becoming slaves to the King of England.
Our country has given away so many of our freedoms that we don't even know it.  Right now the United States Supreme Court finally acknowledged that Pro-life people do not have to cave to the abortion industry--the baby murdering DEsembly line of human beings. 
Since when do people have a right to KILL their offspring?????????????? Did God at a certain point decide that the fruit of the womb is no longer a blessing?????????????????  So we are at war for the lives of millions of helpless people being slaughtered before their eyes see the light of day and their parent's faces.
We're at war all right.  Those of us who follow the Bible, and believe that God speaks to mankind through it, have been all but gagged when it comes to sharing our faith outside of our homes.  Fear of speaking up for truth keeps many of us from sharing our love and devotion for our Creator.  I've been a coward most of my life in that department.  I learned early how to keep my mouth shut in an attempt to keep safe.
If you decide to listen to this video and if you decide to open your minds and your hearts to it, I would ask you to ponder in what way our loving Heavenly Father would have you speak up for freedom?  Sometimes it only takes one voice to change a situation. 

Sometimes it only takes one crippled old grandma to take the time to sit at her computer and share what is bursting forth from her heart.  I have other things that I could be doing, you know.  I need to water my flowerbeds; weed the garden; do laundry; cook lunch; prepare for company who are coming for the 4th.  Yet, here I write because I want YOU to value whatever level of freedom that you're enjoying today!!!!!!!!!!!!
If that's tough for you right now, then you need to listen to this more than everyone else.  At any rate, I pray that these words will seep into your minds and souls and cause you to stand up for your rights that God has given to ALL mankind!!  The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Happy Independence Day everyone!