Monday, March 20, 2017

"Let the Healing Begin"

OK I'll admit it, I was NOT happy when Jim said that he was leaving the Booth Brothers.  I get so intensely loyal to people and it seemed like he was turning his back on Robbie and Michael.  I was so sure that the Booth Brothers would never be the same without Jim.
Actually, it's NOT the same.  How could it be?  Still, as I listened to this just now, it touched my heart just as much as the version they did with Jim.  I didn't think THAT was possible but see, I was WRONG, and glad of it!!  ;)
So much is changing in my world--things that I still cannot discuss publicly.  I am talking about good things but still change seems more onerous the older I get. 
One change is not good.  My brother is dying.  Two years ago Mayo clinic gave him a year and a half to live in their opinion.  I only hear through others how I is doing.  Now, I don't want to hear any comments like, "Why aren't you by his side?"  I DID call and share my concerns and haven't heard a word back.  If someone doesn't want you in their life, what are you supposed to do?
Still, I haven't done NOTHING to try to help him. Prayer warriors that I don't even know are praying for him to get saved before he dies AND they are praying for his healing.  Perhaps you will join their prayers for his salvation and healing???
Well, my day is calling me but I want to share this special Booth Brother's song, LET THE HEALING BEGIN!  I dedicate this song to my brother who is hurting so badly!
Lots of love,


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