Friday, September 8, 2017


As a survivor of childhood abuse, I NEVER thought this way!  I kept my mouth shut in order to keep from drawing any attention to myself.  I shrunk in my seat at meals so hopefully the game show,
THE PRICE IS RIGHT, would draw their focus away from their evil designs for me.  I never had an opinion, that I'd voice, in fear of them noticing me and starting to think about how much pleasure it was to "Have fun with Dawn!" 
To keep quiet was the only defense I had.  To try to disappear became my goal--thus suicide became increasingly appealing as the violence grew.  I said nothing and I survived.
This woman of God freaked me out when I first heard her.  "How does that work?" I wondered.  How does speaking up for the Lord cause good things to happen?
I wondered a lot about this type of thinking and this type of living.
I'm sure that you are going to wonder, too, if you take the time to watch this.  It goes against our upbringing as nice, little Christians. 
SHOULDN'T WE JUST PRAY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I could go into how praying didn't stop the molestations.  I could go into how aiming a rifle, and stating clearly that I would use it if they came any closer, DID make it stop but I think I've said that all here before.
You see, I've come to see that the victim's mentality serves the abusers!  Keeping my mouth shut is what kept it going for 7 years!!  Playing small did NO GOOD for me or for anyone else!!!
So, if you want to be a part of something that just may stop Hurricane Irma, then watch this video.  Just repeat what Kat says.  Say it from your heart.  Use your voice that God gave you to speak against the evil spirits who are stirring up this storm!!!!!!!!!!!  SPEAK UP while you can still help to break up the storm. 
Join all our voices taking control over all power of the enemy.  WE MUST UNITE to stop the devastation and destruction that will come to our country once again.

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